Made – Created to make a difference

Ladies are invited to join us as we discover how we were created to make a difference. We will be meeting the first Monday of every month. For the next six months we will be working through a study called Made. Each evening will consist of a group time, coffee/tea break and an outreach project. From time to time, we may ask for donations to put towards the group project. Supply requests will be announced ahead of time, posted on the website and in the bulletin.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please sign up in the UDAC lobby.

A little bit about the study: MADE reveals insight about your spiritual gifts, personality, and experiences and how God wants to use your custom design to impact the world. Join teacher and pastor, Jud Wilhite as he walks you through six biblical truths about serving and what it takes to make a meaningful difference in the world today. It’s an exploration that could change your life forever.

GATHERING 1: Made For More

You’re no accident. In fact, all you’ve done and said combines with how He designed you to create a wonderful unique channel of His grace and presence in the world. There’s more to life than you might expect.

GATHERING 2: Upside Down Living

It’s easy to use your unique design to serve yourself. Jesus teaches another way. What do you care about? What occupies your heart and mind? Take a moment to examine your perspective.

GATHERING 3: Non-refundable Gifts

Believers are given something they can’t give back. It doesn’t mean you have to use it, but maybe you should. The Body of Christ needs you like your body needs a heart and lungs. Again, you’re important to God’s plan.

GATHERING 4: You’re Not So Weird

Some like blue. Some like purple. Others want a checklist of things to do and some want to the freedom to let the day just happen. What’s your personality like? Did you know it’s meant to help you make a difference?

GATHERING 5: Let Go of Your Past

We work so hard to forget our past. We shove it, cram it, forget it, and try to overcome it. Have you ever thought that even your past, whatever that might include, is something that God can use to help you impact others and bring Him glory? Amazing, but true.

GATHERING 6: Live Out Loud

Life is meant to be full. Life is meant to be meaningful. Life is even meant to be loud. Don’t let another day go by without realizing how important it is to put it all together and make a difference for Him.

Discover how your gifts and talents can impact the world.

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