Upcoming Event Info for May 2018


Here are UDAC we believe that students are not only the future of Christ’s church but they are the church now! Youth is a central and critical value of UDAC. UDAC Youth exists all because of and all for Jesus! Our purpose is simply an extension of the purpose our church exists: to REACH, TEACH and EQUIP youth to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God. We believe strongly in discipleship and equipping youth to move forward in their relationship with Jesus.



Students in grade 6 -12 are invited to attend youth! Students will be presented with opportunities to build relationships with the entire group of students, but also given opportunity and encouraged to connect with students in their own age demographic as well. We will from time to time have events that are geared directly at Junior High Youth students in grade 6 (or going into grade 6 as of Fall 2017) to grade 8 – or events that are directed at our Senior High Students – students in grade 9 (or going into grade 9 as of Fall 2017) to grade 12 (grade 12’s are welcomed).youth-ministry

For more info, call Steph at 403-381-7171 or email [email protected]