Here are UDAC we believe that students are not only the future of Christ’s church but they are the church now! Youth is a central and critical value of UDAC. UDAC Youth exists all because of and all for Jesus! Our purpose is simply an extension of the purpose our church exists: to REACH, TEACH and EQUIP youth to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God. We believe strongly in discipleship and equipping youth to move forward in their relationship with Jesus. We work together to accomplish this goal in a few different ways:

Relationship Building:

Building relationships with peers – We try to provide an opportunity for students to build relationships with other students from all different parts of Lethbridge and the surrounding area! The leaders have enjoyed watching students come together sometimes having no interests or commonalities other than Jesus – in whom they are actually brothers in Christ!

Building relationships with leaders – We try to provide an opportunity for students to get to know adult leaders that have felt called to serve with UDAC Youth and who desire to pour into the lives of youth!

Last, but most importantly – Here are UDAC we believe that Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with each of us. The gospel of Jesus is shared and testimony of his work is shared often. Students will have opportunity to explore, learn about and encounter Jesus here at UDAC Youth!


Youth Church Nights – These nights present students and leaders with an opportunity to come before God and worship through music.

Teach Nights – These nights present students and leaders with an opportunity to come before God and worship through learning the bible through speakers, videos and group discussion.

Prayer Nights – These nights present students and leaders with a variety of different topics to pray about and different opportunities for students to speak with God!


Small Group Time – Over the past few years we have seen growth in our group and sometimes this calls for small group discussion time, where students are with people their own age and are presented with an opportunity to share with their peers and develop a deeper relationship with their peers and small group leader.

Large Group Time – We also see value in large group discussion where all of our students have a chance to share in discussion together.


We believe in the power of prayer! UDAC Youth does not happen without prayer! This fall parents, students and church members will be invited to join a team of people that pray for UDAC Youth regularly. We are excited to see how God will answer prayers!


Students in grade 6 -12 are invited to attend youth! Students will be presented with opportunities to build relationships with the entire group of students, but also given opportunity and encouraged to connect with students in their own age demographic as well. We will from time to time have events that are geared directly at Junior High Youth students in grade 6 (or going into grade 6 as of Fall 2015) to grade 8 – or events that are directed at our Senior High Students – students in grade 9 (or going into grade 9 as of Fall 2015) to grade 12 (grade 12’s are welcomed).

Upcoming Events!

Stay tuned for our Fall Schedule, coming out soon! Also, FALL KICK-OFF is Friday September 9 at 7:00-9:00, come out for our PARKING LOT PARTY!! Campfire, food, fun and games!! See you there!!

youth-ministryFor more info, call Steph at 403-381-7171 or email steph@udac.ca