GROW Ladies Bible Study

Event details

  • Thursday | September 21, 2017 to Thursday | November 2, 2017
  • 9:30 am

This fall we are looking at Ann Voskamp’s new book, The Broken Way, as a jumping off point to talk about how to navigate and show the Hope we have to this broken world full of broken people. Please join us Thursday mornings at the church for coffee and conversation. This study will work best if you have your own copy of Ann’s book. Limited study guides are available from Pat Thurston, who will be guiding this study for $12.80.

Brokenness doesn’t only find us in the big things–things like illness, hardship, or grief. It also finds us in the everyday stinging moments when we feel forgotten, or under-appreciated by our loved ones, or sense the inevitable change years of living has marked on our hearts. We are fragile and we know it. Sometimes, living with Christ in a messed-up world feels less like victory and more like walking uphill. How do we walk in a way that both glorifies Jesus and bears witness to our weakness?

From the best-selling author of One Thousand Gifts comes an impassioned message: We are desperately loved by Jesus just as we are, and his love compels us to be broken open for others! You’ll be deeply encouraged by Voskamp’s thoughts on how God takes flawed and imperfect sinners, redeems us, and makes us useful in his kingdom.