The time is approaching quickly!

We are so excited that in one weeks time, the Costa Rica Team will be boarding an airplane and be enroute to La Lidia Costa Rica.  This is a picture of one (of 30) backpacks the team will be taking down to Costa Rica to share with our partners down there.  We share this with our church family today as a reminder to pray for this trip and specifically for journeying mercies as we go.


This morning 3 of our team mates began their journey and the rest of the team will join then next week.  Please pray in the following ways      today for the Costa Rica team.

1.  Pray for Journeying Mercies: connections are made, luggage arrives and safety on flights and car rides.

2.  Pray that God would prepare our hearts to be used by Him.

3.  Pray for Team Unity and Spiritual Protection over the team.

We want to thank our UDAC family for your incredible support and love as we get ready to go.  We are very excited and look forward to    coming home, sharing stories of God’s work through us and then stepping into our Lethbridge community with you, using the lessons we have  learned.

Blessings, Pastor Aaron


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