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Costa Rica 2016

We are excited to announce that in February 2016, UDAC will again, be traveling to San Jose Costa Rica to partner with Curtis and Linda Doell to do ministry.Doells  This again will be a building trip and will focus on an area of San Jose called Guizarios.   This is a community we have previously worked in building a community centre.  The focus of this trip will be to develop some land behind the Community Centre developing land for green houses and then another section of land that can be used as a Soccer pitch, with the hope of engaging the men of the community and sharing Jesus with them.

We are inviting the Church family to prayerfully consider their role in this next trip.  The cost of the trip will land around the $2700 mark.  If you are interested in participating we would encourage you to pick up an application form at the Information Desk and/or talk to Pastor Aaron: [email protected]

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