UDAC Youth


Grades 6-12

Youth are not only the future of UDAC, but the future of God’s church throughout the world. Youth is a
central and critical value of UDAC. We believe strongly in preparing and equipping the youth of this city
to be tools in God’s hand. We desire that every youth learn to surrender his or her life to God’s calling
and come to a place in their faith where they would sacrifice anything for their God.

We have prayerfully considered how we can best accomplish these values and desires. As such, the
following lets you know a little bit of what to expect at UDAC youth.

Mid-Week Youth Connects

Our largest focus as a youth ministry team is being personally involved in the lives of each of our youth.
Every week we will be meeting with youth all over the city, in their schools, in their homes, taking them
out to lunch, seeing competitions, and attending special events. We want to be involved in our youth’s lives.
To get connected in the Mid-Week Youth Connects, either call Steph– 403-381-7171, or ask one of the leaders
at Friday night youth.

Friday Night Youth

Every Friday night (with a few exceptions throughout the year), there is Friday Night Youth. This is open
to grades 6-12 students and takes place from 7-9pm right here at the church. On Friday nights our
main focuses every month are on outreach and discipleship. We will heavily focus on bringing people
to a basic understanding of Jesus and providing an atmosphere to do so. Friday night is the perfect
opportunity for youth to bring their friends who are seeking truth.

Highlight Events

Throughout the year there are some highlight events, meant both to reach out to youth who are seeking
Christ and to develop unity and depth among the youth. The next highlight event will be:

  • March 28, 2014 – TERMINAL VELOCITY!! Covers entrance, pizza and pop! Notes: If you are under 18 you MUST have a waiver signed by your parent, even to attend the event. So what is TERMINAL VELOCITY?? Terminal Velocity = AWESOME + EPIC + LEGIT + ENERGY + EXTERME FUN + CRAZY LIGHTS + LOUD MUSIC The game of Terminal Velocity involves shooting ping pong balls out of a personal PVC piping-water bottle gun. Opponents compete against one another, shooting any ammo they can at each other to be the ultimate Terminal Velocity Gladiator! – As it is stated in the waivers, some welts may be expected depending on the intensity levels.  Upon arrival, after payment and handing in your signed waiver – you will sign up for a level of intensity that you feel would best suit you! Groups of people will be rotated through out the gym throughout the night, the game is every man for himself! If you are not interested in participating in the main event – don’t worry- there will be fun for you as well! We will have games and activities in the lobby for you to participate in through out the evening! Feel free to dress up and come in your best Terminal Velocity outfit! Whatever that looks like?! Bring your friends and your game face! SEE YOU THERE!!!

For more info, call Steph at 403-381-7171 or email steph@udac.ca